Category: Activities

These are some of the activities of the Church of Scientology members. The events are varied.

They can include work in their social betterment campaigns, and Scientology sponsored social reform groups.

Such events may have to do with drug rehabilitation, criminal rehab, mental health reform, volunteering in disaster areas, human rights, educational reform programs, and a lot more.

These may be local activities, or may be activities overseas that local Canberra Scientologists are involved in.

Scientology Apostates

. Scientology may be the most controversial movement to emerge in Western society since the Knights Templars of the 1100’s. . A religion? A religious philosophy? A

What Makes Scientology Critics?

. It is a fact that many believe it does work. If it does work, the workability could account for the increase in size, despite opposition.

The Overt

 From the Scientology Handbook Definition: overt: a harmful act or a transgression against the moral code of a group. When a person does something that is

You Can Be Right

(From the Scientology Handbook) Rightness and wrongness form a common source of argument and struggle. These relate closely to overts and withholds and the overt