Why some fight Scientology

By L. Ron Hubbard.

There is no good in the world that is not fought by some. The holiest saint, the purest knight, the most orderly group alike have been subjected to attacks since Man’s beginning.

And Scientology is no exception. Since the first release of its basics in 1949, several groups and many people have ineffectually fought its further development and progress.

In 1950, ’51 and ’52, $2,000.000 by actual record, were spent in efforts to wipe out Dianetics and Scientology.

But truth knows no impenetrable barrier and only truth pierces the thickest  arm plate. Scientology fights back only with the truth and persistence and even today would happily render invaluable assistance to its worst enemies.

For Scientologists know why it is fought. And, knowing it, can understand more with pity than revenge.

There are two classes of enemies that try unsuccessfully to fight Scientology. The first class is the personal opponent, the second is political opponent.

The reasons why they say they fight add up to just one reason – a guilty conscience.

Scientology has found out the fundamentals of Man and this universe. How much easier then to find out the secrets of the history and motives of one person or a group?

If Scientology were fraudulent, if it had vast but covert plans, if it did not work, it would not be fought. Scientology had no enemies until the word was out that it worked! Criminals, communists, perverted religionists alike swarmed to support a “new fraud,” a ‘hoax,” a brand new way of extorting money from and enslaving Man. And then in 1950 they found that the new sciences worked with, to them, deadly accuracy. And with a shudder of terror they faced about and struck with  every weapon possible. The press, the courts, shady women, insane inmates, politicians, tax bureaus, these and many more were used in a frantic effort to beat down what they had found to be honest, decent and accurate.

Scientology had so few skeletons in the closet, was in fact so purely conceived, that it lost little in these attacks. No serious harm came to any principal or good person in Dianetics and Scientology. On the other hand, without any action being taken against them, of twenty-one highly placed attackers, seventeen are now dead.

So Scientology won its biggest fight years ago, but it is still fought here and there by each of these two classes.


It is a simple thing – has always been a simple thing. A Scientologist can FIND OUT!

The secrets of a person who is evilly disposed toward his fellows are not safe around a Scientologist. The hidden motives of a group attempting the enslavement of a people are too easily penetrated by a Scientologist. And the fight against him is inspired by terror or guilt – and terror and guilt are far too weak to win against truth.

Aside from his own well-trained perception the Scientologist has an aid called an E-Meter. He uses this for the peaceful and praiseworthy purpose of helping people become more able and less enslaved. But the E-Meter has other uses.

The instrument was developed over the years by a brilliant crew of electronics men under the personal supervision of doctor Hubbard. Using principles in electronics almost a century old, these men refined a well-known instrument into a small, infinitely more reliable aide.

The grandfather of the Electrometer is an enormous machine costing $18,000 and available only in large scientific laboratories. Even improving upon this, yet making a portable instrument, these men long ago brought out the Hubbard Electrometer and brought it into a cost level of less than 40 pounds.

Every professional Scientologist has one of these. And can use it in other ways than mental health.

Every professional Scientologist has one of these. And can use it in other ways than mental health.

Every professional Scientologist is bound by the Code of a Scientologist, which is more strict by far than the codes binding medical doctors or psychiatrists. Clause Nine of this Code is “To refuse to impart the personal secrets of my preclears.” Anyone’s secrets are safe with Scientology until the person himself no longer considers the matter important. But despite this, the guilty are afraid of us, especially when their dark and hidden facts, if revealed, would send them to prison for actual crimes. Even then, more than once, Scientologists have “gotten the law off somebody’s back” at the person’s own request and have obtained conditional releases for malefactors on the well-accepted grounds that they have been processed.


For instance, if this Electrometer had been available in Kenya during the Mau Mau uprising, it could have saved thousands upon thousands of lives. For the innocent were punished with the guilty and of the guilty there were but very few. And without violent interrogation, concentration camps and other horrors, any manager or policeman could have found the guilty fast enough to stop the risings and the slaughter. At this moment the South African Central Organisation of Scientology is educating people in the event of further risings. This is a deadly blow to a well-known international political organisation. But they do not now even dare protest against this defence.

Subversive politics, intent upon the destruction of the lives and property of a people, depend upon secrecy for their gains. Their private motives are not their advertised slogans. Perverted religionists seeking to enslave and extort through through lies and terror cannot live in the sunshine of truth. And so they hate and sometimes even and dare fight the harbingers of truth and greater freedom.

For a new life to begin, the evils of an old life must die.


Unfortunately the person who does not want you to study Scientology is your enemy as well as ours.

When he harangues against us to you as a “cult,” as a “hoax,” as a very bad thing done by very bad people, he or she is only saying, “Please, please, please don’t try to find me out.”

Thousands of such protesting people carefully investigated by us have been found to have unsavory pasts and sordid motives they did not dare (they felt) permit to come to light. The wife or mother who rails against a family member who takes up Scientology is, we regret to have to say, guided by very impure motives, generated in the morass of dread secrets long withheld. The father, husband or friend who frowns upon one knowing more about the mind is hiding something that he feels would damage him.

“You had better leave Scientology alone!” is an instinctive defense, prompted in all cases investigated by a guilty conscience.

Once they hear a few truths from Scientology, such people become afraid. They know we know. And if we know this much and if you are further informed, they feel you will find them out. The wife, protesting, is hiding such things as infidelity or an unsavoury circumstance, one or many. The husband, protesting, is hiding a past with many blots upon it.

“You must not know more of Scientology” is best answered by no praise of Scientology but by “What have you done?” It is best answered by demanding that the protesting person go to the nearest centre for a “case assessment.” For marriages and families founder on the rocks of hidden transgressions. And if one’s “friend” or family becomes afraid in the face of truth, the friendship or the family will eventually go to pieces on the fangs of hidden events.

Brought to light, such things are never as dreadful as they were in the unconfided dark. Exposed to view, one no longer builds on quicksand.

For how can one have a family, a marriage or a friendship where treachery has slept?

So Scientology is dangerous.

But Scientology is also generous, tolerant and kind. And before the breadth of its understanding and kindness of its people, a new world can be born for anyone, a world without war, criminality or the insane.

But also, much more personally, can be born a real friendship where there was private fear before, a real family founded on mutual trust, a real marriage where its partners are united against the world, not divided from one another by hidden acts.

Beware the person or group who fights Scientology, for that person fights truth – not the truth of natural laws but the truth about himself.

It’s well worth knowing, we assure you.

L. Ron Hubbard

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